Tales from the North 2012

General information

General Information

The conference dates
10th - 12th April 2012

The conference will be held at the Sámi Cultural Centre SAJOS located in Inari on the bank of river Juutuanjoki, right in the centre of Village Inari.

Inari is the largest municipality in Finland and it was established in 1876. It has a surface area of 17,321 km², of which 2,148 km² is covered by water and 15,173 km² is land. The Lemmenjoki National Park and part of the Urho Kekkonen National Park are situated in the municipality. Inari has a population of around 7,000, of which about one-third are Sámi, the indigenous people of Finland. About 400 people speak Sámi as their mother tongue.

Conference language
Official language of the conference is English. No interpretation will be provided.

How to get there
Inari is easily accessible, either by the extensive road network or by plane to the international airport in Ivalo. Well-run, regular public transport takes travellers as far north as the Arctic Ocean or southwards from where they can continue to the rest of Europe.

Conference-related Transfer

Airport Transfers

Bus transfer will be provided from the Ivalo Airport to the conference hotels/hostels on Tuesday 10 April (Finnair flight arrivals at 12:55 and at 21:50) and from the hotels/hostels to the Ivalo Airport on Thursday 12 April for the Finnair flights leaving at 13.30 and 22:20.

Other transfers

Daily bus transfer will be provided from Lomakylä Inari and Uruniemi Camping to the conference venue. Hotels Kultahovi and Inari are located at walking distance.
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