Studies / Pedagogy

The pedagogy of expression and creativity

The central aim of the Institute for Northern Culture is to develop and coordinate art and culture studies on three different educational levels.

One of our most remarkable approaches is to bring together students from three educational levels into a shared learning environment. For example, there are students from different levels working in the same artistic production: some students work in an occupational, hands-on production team while others concentrate more on research.

A substantial music event is carried out by our students, for example. To begin with, the students of the University of Lapland conduct research and concentrate on developing the production. Furthermore, the students of Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences plan and implement the video production of the event and prepare a DVD of the final production. To make the event complete, the students of Vocational College Lappia sing and dance as well as organize the lighting and the wardrobe.

This combination of different levels and aspects forms “the new way of learning” in projects at the Institute for Northern Culture.
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